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We have discovered five distinct dimensions which transform average leaders into outstanding leaders – innovative, authentic, delivery-focused leaders who bring people with them and make things happen.

5DL – The Five Dimensions of Leadership

Rise to the challenges of 2022 and beyond with 5DL


Let your passion, ethics and values shine through to inspire and energise your people.


Build teams and organisations that attract the best partners, customers and talent.


Thrive in a world of complexity, tough competition, uncertainty and rapid change.

5DL – The Five Dimensions of Leadership

What are the Five Dimensions of Leadership?

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Self-awareness and the ability to self-reflect

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Awareness of impact on others, understanding difference and group dynamics

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The ability to see the whole picture and the art of thinking systemically

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The freedom to choose and to deliver, even in the face of resistance

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The ability and humility to ask for appropriate help and support


5DL – The Five Dimensions of Leadership

An Introduction to 5DL

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5DL – The Five Dimensions of Leadership

The 5DL Book

5DL is a leadership philosophy for our times – times when leaders who embody a vision of the future based on sustainability and values, with compassion, humility and a deep understanding of themselves and the people around them have never been more essential. Delve deeper into the research and thinking that underpins this transformational approach to leadership. Unpack each dimension and see how they will guide you as you continue your journey to outstanding leadership.

"We faced massive challenges and demands for growth under ever-increasing complexity. 5DL brought order to chaos by forcing us to look at ourselves and reflect. The search for fundamental questions sometimes became an art. 5DL taught me to realise the strength of interaction in our teams and the appreciation for having somebody who stands out and is totally different from the rest of the team"

Dr Anders Vedin, Cardiologist & Pharma CEO

"This is a masterpiece in leadership literature with vitally important insights and knowledge, so desperately needed in many organisations now. I hope that many influential leaders out there will read 5DL with the open and reflective mindset it requires and deserves."

Dr Anders Ullman, Global Pharma Executive

"5DL influences all my work with clients. What never fails is its alchemy - there is a point in the coaching process when all 5DLs reach a mature development that catalyses exponentially their vision and potential."

Harriet Hanmer, Equilibrium Partners and Natural Leadership


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“Become a Better Human Being”

Roger has laid out a roadmap on how to become more authentic, how to lead from a deep sense of purpose, one that goes beyond mere transactions and engages others at their very core. Study 5DL and not only learn how to lead, but learn how to become a better human being!

Scott A. Snook, Senior Lecturer of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Bill Drayton

“IN AN ‘EVERYONE A CHANGEMAKER’ WORLD, leadership must be profoundly different”

With the world fast tipping away from millennia where the game was efficiency in repetition to its opposite, an “everyone a changemaker” world where change begets and accelerates change, everyone must be a co-leader and leadership must be profoundly different. Roger Evans, who has counselled great and weak leaders for decades, has mapped what this new leadership is. That is why this new book is so important.

Bill Drayton, Founder and CEO of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public

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“The new corporate paradigm requires a powerful force”

The new corporate paradigm requires a powerful force to initiate its evolution whilst ensuring a safe passage of transition from the old. The 5DL Leadership Coaching delivers this.

Alex Boyle, Coach and Psychotherapist

5DL – Five Dimensions of Leadership

The Complete Package

5DL offers whatever level of support you need. The book is your leadership companion, your doorway to 5DL. Join the 5DL Community and get priority access to our thought leaders and new resources. Use the Self-Assessment to gauge your strength in each DL and to start to build them. Work with a 5DL Online Coach to develop your DLs with a supportive and challenging partner. Bring 5DL into your organisation and build tomorrow’s leadership mindset in your teams and talent with our organisational programmes for managers and leaders.

5DL – Five Dimensions of Leadership

The Building Blocks Future Leadership

‘More of the same’ is not enough. The leadership competencies that got us here won’t create the future that employees, customers and shareholders demand – a future that’s coming whether we are ready or not. Many leaders know intuitively that ‘more of the same’ is not enough.

5DL is the answer. Go beyond ‘more of the same’ and build tomorrow’s leadership mindset

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5DL – Five Dimensions of Leadership

Clients Behind The Research

Thousands of senior leaders across these client company’s, and more, contributed to the research material behind 5DL.

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