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Love: The New Leadership Frontier

Love: The New Leadership Frontier

Love: The New Leadership Frontier

What’s love got to do with leadership? Join this event and explore this question with a highly relational leader, infused with humility who has got things done repeatedly for 32 years. 

Join Philip Carr-Gomm, author, psychologist and former head of Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids as he discusses with Roger Evans (Founder and Author of 5DL) what he learned as the ‘leader’ of a global organisation of 25,000 people. 

Roger wanted to have this conversation with Philip because of the way Philip appeared to effortlessly lead his global druid organisation. How did he do it? What issues did he face, and how did he hand over to his successor with ease (or so it seemed).  

In this dialogue, Philip and Roger explore aspects of leadership that you can use and capitalise upon. You will see how self-reflection about where we get ‘caught’ and the ability to think about how we impact others is central to outstanding leadership.  

You will see patterns emerging that are central to Philip’s leadership, and as you hear about what is important to Philip in his life today you will see deep personal engagement, with real issues and real people. Paradoxically, you will also see how this quite remarkable leader didn’t want to be a leader! 

Sound familiar?! 

The dialogue will cover important ground for 2022 including the masculine and feminine in leadership, facing and solving real problems and how leadership, ultimately, is about love. 

  • Join a conversation about how to hold a leadership space with love 
  • Explore whether you really understand your impact on others 
  • Explore what it means to open to others and their differences 
  • Think about how to seriously ask for help – facing anxieties and the fear of failing or being vulnerable

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Philip Carr-Gomm
Philip is a psychologist, author & Leaders & former Chosen Chief of The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. In that role Philip enabled the growth of the Order to become the largest Druid teaching order in the world with 25,000 members, organising the Order’s teachings into a distance-learning course & editing Ross Nichols’ Book of Druidry with John Matthews. His work has gained significant acclaim, with Professor of History Ronald Hutton writing that “the OBOD correspondence course arguably represents one of the major documents of British spirituality from the late twentieth century.” Since handing over the leadership of OBOD Philip has pursued his interest in spiritual practices. He is a teacher of Yoga Nidra & Mindfulness Meditation & has created an online school, ‘The Art of Living Well, offering courses that combine psychological & spiritual understanding.  

Roger Evans
Roger is Founder of 5DL & Author of the groundbreaking new leadership book ‘5DL– Five Dimensions of Leadership’. He is also MD  of CLC, a management consulting practice that works with Boards, CEOs & senior leadership teams providing close support through major transformation. He has extensive international public & private sector business consulting experience in Europe, Scandinavia, North America, the Middle East, India & Africa. All this experience is condensed into the ground-breaking leadership book ‘5DL – Five Dimensions of Leadership’, available now on Amazon and on Kindle!